June 8, 2019 Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter-C
Acts of the Apostles 28:16-20, 30-31
Psalm 11
John 21:20-25
…Paul was allowed to live by himself… Acts 28:16
“You follow me.” John 21:22
Lord, your word today describes how Paul is a captive in Rome and the concern of Peter about his future and that of the other disciples. Paul continues to preach the good news of the resurrection even though he is not allowed to freely travel among the people. He makes do with his present conditions. Peter is learning how to cope with circumstances beyond his control. Lord, today may I learn to respond to the people and situations in our lives with love and compassion. Help me to take responsibility for my words and actions as I try to follow you. Guide me to use the talents and gifts you have blessed me with in every situation I find myself in today. Tomorrow your church celebrates the great feast of the coming of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost. I pray for the gifts of courage and wisdom so that, like Peter and Paul, I will embrace my true self and share my gifts with those you place in my life. Amen.