What is WELCOME? Welcome is an overnight retreat designed to help you discover what’s missing in your life and what to do about it! It started in 1969 as a process called Christ Renews His Parish, and has since touched thousands of lives. In 2015, Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic acquired CRHP and has worked to revamp it into the new WELCOME experience. It is a beautiful gift to give yourself!

Calling All Women Who Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed

Does your life feel overwhelming? Do you sometimes feel like you’re facing craziness alone? Do you sense that something’s missing in your life? Welcome will change that. 

Welcome is an incredible experience that will help you make sense of life, help you develop lasting friendships with other women in the parish, and fill you with newfound energy and purpose. It’s held right here at St. Mary! 

July 9-10, 2022 from 8:00 AM Saturday – 4:00 PM Sunday

**COVID Precautions Observed

For more information, please email us at welcome@stmaryrockledge.org