Exodus 24:3-8

Psalm 116

Hebrews 9:1-15

Mark 14:12-16, 22-26

“Take it; this is my body.  This is my blood.” Mk. 14:22, 24

Lord, I cannot conceive of any words which compare with these.  It is hard to grasp how much you desire an eternal, intimate and loving relationship with us your people.  From the night of the Last Supper until today, and for all time, we who eat your body and drink your blood are one with you.  We are also united to all our brothers and sisters who receive you in Holy Communion.   This is the way you ensured that you would be with us every day throughout our lives.  This gift of yourself brings us as close to you as we can be this side of heaven.  Lord, I thank you for saving me from death by offering yourself on the altar of the cross.  I also thank you for giving yourself to me on the altar of the Mass.  May I never, ever, take Holy Communion for granted.  Help me to truly appreciate and cherish the Eucharist as your way of making me more like you.  Dear Jesus, may I become what I eat.  Amen.