Acts of the Apostles 1:1-11

Psalm 47

Hebrews 9:24-28; 10:19-23

Luke 24:46-53

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…”  Acts 1:8

…then they returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  Lk. 24:53

Lord, you made a promise to your disciples the day you ascended to your Father.  The promise was that everything would be alright.  They undoubtedly would miss you and long for the days they walked with you.  They also probably didn’t quite know for sure about the Holy Spirit and the power they would receive.  In this time of uncertainty they were joy filled.  That’s because they trusted that you would come through and make good your promise.  They trusted in you completely.  Lord, there are times of uncertainty in my life too.  I know you are with me and the power of the Holy Spirit will enable me to press on through difficult times.  Joy can be elusive when trouble comes or I am suffering.  Give me the confidence that you will keep your word to me as well.  I trust in your goodness, your mercy and your love.  You came to give us all peace.  The same Spirit that came to the Apostles came to me at my Baptism.  You still live among us and are no longer confined by time or space.   Thank you, Jesus, for the power you place within me.  Amen.