June 2, 2018 Saturday of the 8th Week in Ordinary Time—B

Jude 17, 20-25

Psalm 63

Mark 11:27-33

…pray in the Holy Spirit.  Jude 20

Lord, no one can deny the presence of false prophets in your time and in ours.  We are warned to identify them by their lies and to not follow them into the darkness.  Jude urges us to rely on the Holy Spirit for the good judgment to reject their invitations and to hold firm to your truth.  We are urged to pray “in” the Holy Spirit.  To me that means the Holy Spirit you have given us will lead us in prayer.  It means that your Spirit will guide and perfect our prayers if we ask him to.  Lord, it’s not entirely up to me how I pray or for what I pray.  I open my heart to the Spirit to help me pray for what is best and holy and true.  I lift up, dear Lord, those who have fallen into error or disbelief.  Some of them are people that I love and care about.  I pray that the truth of your Catholic church will be a light in the darkness for all mankind.  Receive my prayer, Holy Spirit, and present it to the Father for I offer it in faith.  Amen.