June 16, 2018 Saturday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time—B

1 Kings 19:19-21

Psalm 16

Matthew 5:33-37

Then he left and followed Elijah as his attendant.  1 Kgs. 19:2

Lord, life is filled with change.  From birth to death we are growing, maturing, developing and adjusting to change.  Most changes are small steps and subtle.  Some are large like graduation, marriage, career moves and retirement.  Personal changes like losing a spouse or a child can be devastating.  Elisha so radically changed that he burned the tools of his former life and left home for a new one.  He went from being a farmer to being a prophet.  Sometimes moving forward and adjusting to a new role requires sacrifice.  Lord, how do you wish me to embrace your will today?  Leaving my comfort zone can be difficult.  The uncertainty of the future can be a bit scary.  Your mother Mary is a model of trust in you and faithfulness to God.  She let go of any fear she may have had and stepped out in faith confident that if she did her best for God all would work out.  Dear Jesus, I offer you all I am: my undeveloped gifts, my anxiety, my doubts, my hopes and dreams.   Cover me with the cloak of your grace and I’ll be just fine.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen.