January 14, 2019 Monday of the 1st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Hebrews 1:1-6

Psalm 97

Mark 1:14-20

Then they left their nets and followed him.  Mk. 1:18

Lord, your prophet John the Baptist was arrested by Herod for proclaiming the truth of God.  You saw the real dangers facing those who challenge the status quo.  Nevertheless, John’s absence was the starting point of your public ministry so you began to lead the people back to the Father.  One your priorities were to gather a group of disciples around you that you could form into your early church.   You didn’t choose the wisest, the richest or the most powerful.  You chose ordinary, uneducated fishermen.  You saw great potential in these rough and hard working men.  Did you see their dedication to their craft despite setbacks and empty nets?  Did you see a loyalty and a perseverance that would keep them faithful to their eventual mission?  Lord, I too have been chosen to be a disciple of yours.  What do you see in me that can be valuable to witness to your kingdom?  How can my gifts be of use to you today?  I offer to you my strengths for your cause.  I also offer my weaknesses for you to develop.  May I leave my nets behind and follow you today.  Amen.