January 10, 2018 Wednesday of the 1st Week of Ordinary Time

1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19-20

Psalm 40

Mark 1:29-39

 “Speak, for your servant is listening.” Mk 1:10

Lord, it seems a lot of the time in my prayers I get this quote backwards.  I seem to want to say: “Listen, Lord, your servant is speaking.”  I hope it doesn’t seem to be that way to you.    But if it does I know you understand and are patient with me while I pour out my heart to you.  It is so important to me to know you are listening and are interested in my every word, thought and feeling.   When you speak to me I need to listen as Samuel did.  You speak to me in so many ways.  The obvious is in your word in Holy Scripture.   Not so obvious is when you speak in the ordinary events of my life.  You paint the sky each morning and evening with a beauty that says: “I am with you today/tonight and there is nothing for you to fear.”  You get my attention with music, art and literature.  A priest may speak your words in a homily.  A friend may witness to your truth in a kind deed.  I may even hear your voice in disappointment, suffering or even disaster.  Speak, Jesus, for your servant is listening.  Amen.