February 5, 2019 Tuesday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time-C ST AGATHA, VIRGIN, MARTYR

Hebrews 12:1-4

Psalm 22

Mark 5:21-43

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord; Ps. 22:27

“Do not be afraid; just have faith.”  Mk. 5:36

Lord, two desperate people seek your intervention.  In both cases you draw our attention to the absolute necessity of faith.  They had faith to come to you for help.  But deep inside did they doubt?  The hemorrhaging woman risked a lot by touching you in her ritually unclean condition.  The synagogue official must have feared all was lost when told his daughter was dead.  I know that fear can push faith aside.  When life is comfortable and secure faith is easy to come by.  But when serious illness, a devastating accident or a violent situation arises fear can be so strong that I lose my grip on faith.  Lord, the best I can do at times is to just trust that you are in control and that you can do anything, even the impossible like raising a young girl to life.  I admit to weak faith and I am sorry for not turning to you first before all else.  May I remember all the good you have done in my life and how much you want me to persevere in faith.  Help me to give up on fear and turn to you today for all I need.  Amen.