December 27, 2018 Thursday ST. ST. JOHN, APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST

1 John 1:1-4

Psalm 97

John 20:1-8

…we have seen it and testify to it… 1 John 1:2

…he saw and believed.  John 20:8

Lord, your beloved disciple John was in exile on the remote island of Patmos.  As an old man he had time to reflect on how he had come to know you and believe in you.  He told the story of how you had called him from the fishing boat, how he followed you, saw your miracles, heard your teaching and witnessed your death.  Step by step you took him from being a young fisherman to a great saint and Evangelist.  Your Holy Spirit inspired your beloved disciple to give the world a masterpiece of theology and love.  Lord, I’ll never write a gospel or be a great evangelist but I too can be your instrument to bring your light to a dark world.  In your great wisdom you have placed me in this time and place and given me gifts and talents.  Use me Lord, like you used St. John.   If I can help one person today to become aware of your love and how you want to be present in their life, I will be happy.  Dear Jesus, give me the chance to testify to what I have seen and believed.  Amen