Acts 2:36-41

Psalm 33

John 20:11-18

Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart…  Acts 2:37

Lord, your man Peter is speaking to me, isn’t he?  I am in the crowd hearing his inspired words.  Peter made the point that I had a share in your death on the cross.  You endured crucifixion because of me.  I am responsible for your wounds and that “cuts me to the heart”.  I put you in that tomb.  I look around and see others weeping and frantically asking what this means and what are we to do now?  Then comes the good news of your resurrection from the tomb.  On top of that we learn that we can be forgiven for this horrible act.  I can receive the Holy Spirit and with that the grace to change my ways.  Lord, renew your Spirit in my heart today.  I beg for your pardon and happily accept the transforming grace you offer.  Help me to live in a new way by turning to you for everything I need.  Dear Jesus, I can’t change on my own.  Lead me to a closer relationship with you, my Lord and my God.  Amen.