April 1, 2019 Monday of the 4th Week of Lent-C

Isaiah 65:17-21

Psalm 30

John 4:43-54

I will rejoice in Jerusalem and exult in my people.  Is. 65:19

…he and his whole household came to believe.  John 4:53

Lord, you are always looking to increase our faith in you.  Each day we are given opportunities to place our trust in your love and to receive your grace.   The nation of Israel was freed from exile and came home to rebuild their devastated city of Jerusalem.  You were there with them.  A man from Cana came to you to restore health to his son and you heard his prayer of faith and granted his request.  I believe you rejoiced in both cases because your children responded in gratitude.   Today you are bringing people into your family.  We call them catechumens.  They are preparing themselves for an Easter celebration of new life.  They will be baptized into your Church and be made priests, prophets and kings.  This will be cause for all your people to rejoice.  And you will celebrate with us.  Please bless those in preparation and those who guide them.  Make them feel welcome by our support and attention to them at this most important point in their walk with you.  I thank you for calling me into your family and pray that I and my household with continue to believe.  Amen.