July 24, 2021 Saturday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Exodus 24:3-8

Psalm 50

Matthew 13:24-30

…they all answered with one voice, “We will do everything that the Lord has told us.”  Ex. 24:3

While everyone was asleep his enemy came and sowed weeds all through the wheat…” Mt. 13:25

Lord, like the field of wheat mixed with weeds we are a blend of goodness and sin; virtue and vice. The people heeded Moses’ words and began their journey with good intentions. But the world, the flesh and the devil sowed weeds of disobedience, jealousy, pride and selfishness in their lives and ours as well. We also have the seeds of grace by the Holy Spirit sowed in our field. They grow together as you pointed out in your parable today. You look into our hearts and see who we really are and love us just the same. You never tire of calling us back to your heart so we can be forgiven. You have given us the sacraments which strengthen us when tempted and remove our guilt when we fail. Lord, I know that I am not where you want me to be in my journey to holiness. I thank you so very much for your patience, constant care, protection and mercy until the moment of harvest. May your healing power come upon me and pull the weeds that take away my energy and block my full enjoyment of your abundant life.  Amen