October 31, 2023, Tuesday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Romans 8:18-25

Psalm 126

Luke 13:18-21

The sufferings of the present time are as nothing compared to the glory to be revealed…Rom 8:8

“What is the kingdom of God like.?” Lk. 13:18

Lord, I never want to live in a world without hope. To be without hope, in this world of suffering and pain, has to be the greatest darkness. You are not present in despair. But you are the God of hope.  You have prepared a wonderful existence for all of us that we will one day leave behind every pain, tear, and worry. We can right now enter your kingdom and have a taste of the heavenly glory that awaits. In the Holy Mass heaven and earth are connected. We are never closer to you in this life as when we listen to your powerful and hopeful word and participate as one body in the Eucharist. When we serve and care for each other, we serve and care for you. With your grace and the eyes of faith we can see your wonderful works and magnificent creation moving toward the ultimate union with you. Even in sickness and sorrow, deep down inside, I know that I am the apple of your eye and am being formed into the person you created me to be.  Be my hope and joy today, dear Jesus. Amen