Reflection from Fr. Juan Osorno

Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal for your mind, so that you may judge what is God’s will, what is good, pleasing and perfect,” (Romans 12:2).

Nowadays, is easier to conform ourselves to this culture even though we may strongly disagree with some aspects of this generation. We remained silent before evil just because we learned to go with the flow or because is easier or even worst, because we just became totally indifferent before all the immoralities, lack of   values, and the surge of deceiving information that we receive in daily bases. The Lord is inviting us to wake up, reflect, and act in a way that is Good, Pleasing, and Perfect to God. This means to express clearly that we are no longer conforming ourselves to this age, to judge and understand when something is wrong, and to stand firm by expressing our inconformity. Furthermore, making the necessary steps to change it, finally, we are called to action, more specifically to bring back: The Good, The Beauty and the Truth. These are precisely the  three aspects of God, which help us to know if something is from God, if it is, then must be good, or beautiful, or truthful.

To do what is right requires from us to move out of our comfort zone, also,  invites us to transform and purify our conscience and learn intellectually, emotionally and spiritually what is good according to God’s will.

This age is contaminated with evil ideologies and tendencies that are a threat to the dignity of the human being and in a particular way is a direct attack to our families and its unity. We must do whatever it takes to protect the integrity of our families and   to guide them with the truth which is Jesus Christ.

In today’s culture, some have drifted away so far from the truth that is difficult for them to distinguish between the good and the bad, between right and wrong, to the point of not able to discern between life and death. The only way we can help them is bringing them out of their darkness by a loving  invitation to come and experience the amazing love and mercy of God, showing them the light of Christ, his Word, his Commandments, to receive the sanctifying grace through the Sacraments and especially helping them to understand that they are deeply loved by God unconditionally. Once we  experience true love, that only comes from God, then reaching perfection is just one step away, all we have to do is to surrender ourselves to God and His Spirit, then we will be renewed and conformed to God’s will.