September 29, 2018 Friday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time-B SAINTS MICHAEL, GABRIEL, AND RAPHAEL, ARCHANGELS

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14

Psalm 138

John 1:47-51

…in the presence of the angels I will sing your praise.  Ps. 138:1

“…you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God…” John: 1:51

Lord, there is so much of your creation that is mysterious.  So much of what you have made that we cannot see with our eyes or touch with our hands.  Of course that doesn’t mean those things don’t exist.  In so many places, your word describes the presence and work of angels both in heaven and on earth.  They are glorious beings that exist only to serve you and praise you.  They are also in service to us.  They have been and continue to be your instruments to assist us on the road to salvation.  They are intimately connected with each one of us as we worship, work and live our time in this world.  Who knows how often they have intervened to protect, guide and assist us on our walk with you.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me so much you have provided the help of the angels.  At each Mass they join me in singing and praying to you.  My guardian angel is constantly at my side.   May I become as loyal to you as my angel.  Amen.