October 5, 2017 Thursday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Nehemiah 8:1-12

Psalm 19

Luke 10:1-12

“Peace to this household.”  Luke 10:5

Lord, after your resurrection the first thing you said to your followers was “peace be with you”.  The kingdom of God is all about peace.  Offering a blessing of peace is a great starting point whenever we meet someone, begin a conversation, or enter a room or home.  Confrontation and aggression are not the best ways of opening doors to your love.  Lord, there are many hostile forces in the world and the challenges to your word are real and formidable.  Many people, even some in my own family, do not know you or have heard the good news but have drifted away from your kingdom.  Do not let me judge them or be critical of them.  Let me be an agent of encouragement, hope and peace.  Help me to depend on you to give me the best approach to each person and situation I encounter.  Lord, your peace lives within me so I have all I need to be an agent of the good news of your love.  I want to be a laborer in your harvest.  Use me to draw your people into your kingdom.  Amen