October 20, 2018 Saturday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Ephesians 1:15-23

Psalm 8

Luke 12:8-12

“…do not worry…” Lk. 12:11

Lord, so many times in the past I have worried about something that might happen or a situation that will be difficult.  I have lost sleep worrying about damaged relationships, money, demands on my time and countless other things large and small.  Often, to my surprise, what I have worried about never happens.  Conditions change or someone or something intervenes and all my worrying was for nothing.  Lord, I know you look at me in my anxious moments and just have to shake your head at my lack of faith and trust.  One of the most common statements in scripture is “do not be afraid”.   Fear can be paralyzing.   I don’t think you are saying that I should not prepare for what tomorrow may bring.  You gave me a brain and common sense to navigate the events that occur in life.  Prepare I will, worry I won’t. Help me to trust more in your goodness, mercy and concern for me.  In my moments of need I rely on the Holy Spirit to lead me and inspire me.  Lord, give me the words and the actions that give comfort to the lonely, encouragement to the weak and wisdom to the young.   Amen.