October 19, 2018 Friday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time-B STS. JOHN De BREBEUF, ISAAC JOGUES, PRIESTS, AND COMPANIONS, MARTYRS
Ephesians 1:11-14
Psalm 33
Luke 12:1-7
…we who first hoped in Christ. Eph. 1:12
“Do not be afraid.” Lk. 12:7
Lord, people who are optimists by nature look at the world with rose colored glasses. That’s probably a good attitude to have. But how deep does this optimism go? As long as life goes along pretty good with no major problems we are OK. But when sudden loss or suffering comes along we begin to fear. A sudden panic comes over us and we doubt or question if you truly have everything under control. We wonder about our worth in your eyes or maybe question if you are punishing us? Paul makes it clear I have received the Holy Spirit and can count on that Spirit to lead me to trust fully and deeply in God no matter what happens. I can trust in your promises that you will be with me through thick and thin. No matter if I lose my job, experience serious health problems, or lose everything in a hurricane, my Father holds me in the palm of His hand. He wants only the best for me. I’ll still suffer, become disappointed, and have moments of worry but I trust that I am precious and glorious in his eyes and am his beloved child. Amen.