November 6, 2017 Monday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-A

Romans 11:29-36

Psalm 69

Luke 14:12-14

The gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.  Rom 11:29

Lord, our society has truly become a throwaway culture.  When we tire of a car, our TV breaks down, or our clothes go out of style we don’t hesitate to dispose of them and buy new.  Even our commitments and friendships can lack permanence.  Paul tells us that the gifts you shower upon us and your call to relationship with you are permanent.   Never will you take back one bit of your mercy.  Your invitation to live in your grace is constant and never rescinded.  Even if we break down like our TV, you never reject us or throw us away.  Once bathed in the waters of Baptism we belong irrevocably to you.  It’s hard to imagine something so certain, so final and so constant.  I can never repay you, Lord, for your goodness to me.  Your fidelity is beyond my ability to grasp.  I believe in, I trust and I accept your lavish gifts.  I feel like a beggar invited to a sumptuous banquet.  May your grace fill my heart today with a real desire to make my love of you irrevocable.  Amen