Wisdom 3:1-9

Psalm 23

Romans 5:5-11

John 6:37-40

The souls of the just are in the hands of God… Wis. 3:1

“…I should not lose anything of what he gave me.”  John 6:39

Lord, we see in the circus the skill and daring of trapeze artists.  As they swing and fly though the air they depend totally on the strength and skill of the “catcher”.   They must trust that the hands of their partner will be there when needed.  Today, Lord, we reflect upon eternal things.  Things like the certainty of death for each of us.  The faith that you await every soul who passes from this life to the next.  And we trust that your hands are open and ready to “catch” us.  It is a great mystery for us to understand the passage from this life to the next.  Your word today encourages us to trust that those of us who seek you and believe in you, as imperfect as we are in this world, will enter eternal life with you in the next.  This day also invites us into a prayerful connection with our loved ones who have died.  They may be gone from sight but they can still be touched by our prayers to you for their salvation.  I pray to you, dear Jesus, for my relatives and friends who are in your hands.  I also lift up all the departed that they may enter into your glory.  Amen.