November 15, 2018 Thursday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time-B

Philemon 7-20

Psalm 146

Luke 17:20-25

The Lord shall reign forever… Ps. 146:10

“The Kingdom of God is among you…”  Lk. 17:21

Lord, with all the wars, school shootings, abortions, racism and other evils in our world it can be hard to see your kingdom among us.  Yet you say it is here.  I am aware of the presence of your kingdom when I look at a newborn baby, hear or speak the words “I love you”, set someone free with forgiveness and extend kindness to a stranger.  It is present when I turn to you in faith and help a discouraged friend understand how much you love them.   The kingdom becomes real when I join with my parish to worship you at Mass.  Seeking justice for the oppressed and bringing peace to a fractured relationship are signs your kingdom is here.  It is not easy to bring the kingdom to our world nor does it always make sense to show mercy to someone who doesn’t ask for it.  The kingdom is strong when I give myself to my spouse and my children.  In so many ways, large and small, Lord I want to live in your kingdom each and every day.  Help me today with your grace, dear Jesus, to build up your kingdom every chance I get.  Amen