May 9, 2018 Wednesday of the 6th Week of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 17:15. 22-18:1

Psalm 148

John 16:12-15

“…the Spirit of truth will guide you to all truth.”  John 16:13

Lord, I believe you desire to speak to me every day.  That’s why your Father sends your Spirit: to teach, guide and inspire me to grow in faith and come closer to you.  But like those Paul taught in Athens, I’m sometimes not ready for what you want to tell me.  I may be distracted by the busyness of my life.  I may not be listening.    You told your disciples there was much more for them to learn but the time wasn’t right.  Lord, many times I think that you want me to change or move away from temptation or give up a sinful pattern of behavior.  Despite my slowness to respond, you are always patient and continue to urge me to become my best self and to embrace the abundant life you offer.  Help me not to put off the truth you want for me because of unwillingness to listen to your quiet voice in my heart.  May I accept the challenge of your truth without fear.  Your grace is enough, Lord.  Thank you for hearing me.  Amen.