May 6, 2017 Saturday of the 3rd Week of Easter-A

Acts of the Apostles 9:31-42

Psalm 116

John 6:60-69

“Do you also want to leave?”  John 6:67

Lord, they had heard your words of wisdom, seen your miracles, eaten the bread and witnessed your love and compassion.  Yet, for many, the idea of eating your body and drinking your blood went too far.  Those who chose to leave were thinking only in earthly terms.  In those terms they were right.  But your gift to them and us is not of the earth.  We all have to make perhaps the biggest decision for our lives: to leave or follow you.  Despite all his flaws, Peter and the others got it right and stuck with you. I doubt they understood the full meaning of your words.  The mystery of the Eucharist is deep and difficult for many.  Like Peter, I don’t have to understand everything.  I trust you have the eternal truth and desire to share your life with me fully.  Lord, with the help of your Spirit I can say “yes” to you each day.  Your greatest miracle occurs at each Mass where bread and wine become your body and blood, soul and divinity.  Fill me with the gift of yourself.  I choose to stay with you.  “Master, to whom shall I go?”  Amen