May 4, 2019 Saturday of the 2nd Week of Easter-C

Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7

Psalm 33

John 6:16-21

As the number of disciples continued to grow… Acts 6:1

Lord, you taught your disciples many things while you were with them.  You, however, didn’t go into detail on how to manage your Church.  With the power of the Holy Spirit the number of converts in your community grew rapidly.  With that growth came many challenges.  Through prayer and trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance the Apostles met those new situations.  Today, we have the example of the initial establishment of the order of Deacon.  What started with very practical and necessary service to widows and the poor has become a vibrant and valuable ministry in your Church.  Thank you Lord for giving us so many holy and dedicated men and their wives to continue the growth of the Catholic Church.  I ask you to bless all deacons with whatever graces they need to be the humble servants of your people.  In their ministry at your altar, to your word and to service keep them always seeking your will.  Bless their families as sources of support and encouragement for them.  Keep them close to you so they may always be available and loving in whatever they do.  Amen.