May 4, 2018 Friday of the 5th Week of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 15:22-31

Psalm 57

John 15:12-17

 “I have called you friends…” John 15:15

Lord, thank you for choosing me to be your friend.  Just like my other friends you call me by my first name, greet me with a smile and an embrace.  You want to know about my welfare and safety.   What an awesome joy it is to be your friend.  I know human friends can be fickle and sometimes not so friendly.  But you never waver from your caring for me.  You are constantly looking after my security and well-being.  My friendship with you is not hot or cold depending on how my day is going.  You overlook my mistakes and failures only to encourage me to keep trying.  Even if I were to turn against you your love for me would remain.  Lord, a good friend is trustworthy, loyal and constant.  You give yourself to me every day in so many ways I can’t count them all.  You said these words in the gospel a few hours before you would give your life for us, your friends.  Again, thank you, Lord, for wanting to be my friend.  May I, today, give you the friendship you desire.  Amen.