May 4, 2017 Thursday of the 3rd Week of Easter-A

Acts 8:26-40

Psalm 66

John 6:44-51

Then Phillip opened his mouth…  Acts 8:35

Lord, we are Easter people!  We are resurrection people!  The good news of life fills us and it bursts forth from us.  How can we possibly keep the news of the empty tomb to ourselves?  This is who we are, it’s how we roll.  Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, we keep quiet.  We are silent when you would have us speak.  You spurred Phillip to get up, go, encounter a complete stranger and tell the story of salvation and another life was changed.  There were lots of places in this strong of events when, if Phillip had faltered, the connection would not have been made.  Phillip responded to your call, you handled the rest.  Who knows how many lives the Ethiopian changed after arriving home.  Lord, may your Spirit be strong in me today.  May I be the bearer of your good news today to whomever you place in my life.  Let me not hesitate, weaken or fear.  Your timing is perfect.  Your message is transforming, and your love is complete.  I’m at your service this day, Jesus.  Open my mouth to proclaim your praise.  Amen.