Zephaniah 3:14-18

Psalm Isaiah 12:2-6

Luke 1:39-56

He will rejoice over you with gladness, and renew you in his love… Zeph. 3:17

“Blessed are you who believed…”  Lk. 1:45

Lord, I need to be reminded how much you care about me.  I need to be encouraged that you think I am somebody very special and unique.  You actually rejoice over me.  Hundreds of years before your birth the prophet Zephaniah compared your joy over us to people singing and dancing at a festival.  I am overcome with joy when I imagine you singing and dancing because of me.  Since you hold me in such high regard, how can I put myself down like I tend to do.  I can’t let my sins and mistakes keep me from realizing how blessed I am.  Mary and Elizabeth, two women with miraculous babies in their wombs, rejoiced that you had given them so many blessings.  Lord, renew me in your love so I can also rejoice at your presence.  Help me to believe how much you delight and celebrate who I am: your most precious and glorious child.  Show me today how I can grow in your love and be a witness to that love for all of us.  With the help of your grace, I can be good news to someone who needs encouragement today.  Amen.