May 30, 2017 Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter-A

Acts 20:17-27

Psalm 68

John 17:1-11

“…keep them in your name…so that they maybe one just as we are.”  John 17:11

Lord, what an honor it is to be allowed to hear your prayer to your Father.  Your love for the Father must have been especially intense at this point.  You are about to complete you mission to save all mankind in your death and resurrection.  You long to be with your Father yet you pray for your followers who are near you.  It’s clear to me from your prayer that you and the Father are one and that you only want that same oneness and closeness for your disciples.  After your departure they no longer would have you as their unifier.  But they and we have the power of your grace to keep us on track.  You and the Father were united in purpose, obedience and love.  Your prayer asks the same for us.  Lord, I know your prayer was heard and was answered then as it is now.  May my prayer today echo yours of long ago.  Keep me and all your followers as one family praising, obeying and as loving as you.  Keep us close to you as you are with your Abba.  Amen.