May 29, 2017 Monday of the 7th Week of Easter-A

Acts 19:1-8

Psalm 68

John 16:29-33

“…take courage, I have conquered the world.”  John 16:33

Lord, you tell us today that you have won the battle over evil.  You have overcome sin and death.  You offer courage to us as we face the trials and tribulations of the world.  In the movie “Jaws” when the fisherman realizes the size and fury of the great white shark he says “we are going to need a bigger boat.”  Lord, as much as I want to rely on my own resources in my battle with temptation I need a bigger boat.  I need a good dose of courage from you to overcome the lure of sin.  The world wants to dress up sin to make evil appear good.  Or the message is-“do whatever you want, it really doesn’t matter.”  Lord, I fail time and time again because I don’t ask for the grace of courage that you offer.  Bring me closer to your strong arm of protection.  Stand with me when the enemy attacks my soul.  Be my steady and strong boat in the storms of life.  I truly rely on you for everything.  Amen.