May 28, 2019 Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter-C

Acts of the Apostles 16:22-34

Psalm 138

John 16:5-11

 “Sir’s what must I do to be saved?” Acts 16:30

Lord, freedom is a perspective thing.  Paul and Silas, after being beaten were thrown into maximum security jail.  While there they prayed and sang your praises like free men without a care in the world.   The jailer, on the other hand, wanted to take his own life when he thought the prisoners had escaped.  The jailer was the one in a prison and not free.  But, thanks to Paul and Silas he received the message of the gospel and was baptized with all his family.  He became free of the prison of his fear.  Lord, your message of love is liberating.  Your message of eternal life can free me and give me hope.  I am not a prisoner of the world, the flesh or the devil because you have won victory for me on your cross.  My Lord and my God I can live my life of faith by responding to your grace to build you kingdom.  Thank you for liberating me from the bonds of death.  I freely choose to follow you and to be a joyful witness to your love.  Amen.