May 28, 2018 Monday of the 8th Week in Ordinary Time–B

1 Peter 1:3-9

Psalm 111

Mark 10:17-27

“You are lacking in one thing.”  Mk. 10:21

Lord, the young man’s wealth and possessions were obstacles to his entering heaven.  We don’t know what happened to him after his sad departure from you.  Hopefully he found the faith to give away what was keeping him from your kingdom and becoming a disciple.  Nothing is impossible for God to accomplish in our lives.  Lord, what is the one thing that is keeping me from your kingdom?  Is it, like the young man, an excessive dependence on money and material security?  Is it my refusal to forgive someone who has hurt me?  Is it a negative attitude or habit of gossip?  Do I rely too much on my own strength or do I entertain a lustful heart?  Lord, you know me better than I know myself.  See into my heart and shine your light on my “one thing” that separates me from you.  I believe you will make me rich in the grace to give it away.  I believe you will encourage me with your love, patience and understanding.    Dear Jesus, I know I’m a work in progress.  Thank you for looking at me with love and for showing me the path to eternal life.  Amen.