May 25, 2019 Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter-C

Acts of the Apostles 16:1-10

Psalm 100

John 15:18-21

…the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them…  Acts 16:7

Lord, Paul had a plan and a purpose in choosing where he would go next to preach the good news.  He was incredibly effective in making converts among the Gentiles as they heard for the first time the message of the gospel.  But we hear today that his plans were changed by the Holy Spirit.  Why, we do not know.  What’s key is that Paul listened and obeyed.  He was humble enough to alter his plan for God’s plan.  What he thought made sense wasn’t what God had in mind.  I too have plans.  I too think I know best how to accomplish my work and serve my family.  Sometimes my ways are not your ways.  Even when doing good, I need to listen to the whispers of the Spirit to verify that my plan is the will of God.  If it is not, I pray for the wisdom to humbly bow to your way and to not stubbornly hang on to my way.  Paul’s new path was difficult and he suffered much but it was the path laid out for him.   Dear Jesus, I will let go of my ego and let you guide me in the way to go.  Amen.