May 25, 2017 Thursday of the 6th Week of Easter-A

Acts of the Apostles 18:1-8

Psalm 98

John 16:16-20

…and many…who heard believed… Acts 18:8

Sing a new song to the Lord.  Psalm 98:1

Lord, rejected and reviled by the Jews, Paul moves on and focuses his preaching of the gospel on the Gentiles.  We often say that whenever a door is closed to you another is opened.  It took great courage for Paul to continue his proclamation of your word amid such hostility.  The man who invited Paul into his home also took a risk.  The result was many believed and were baptized.  Lord, when we are open to your will marvelous things happen.  When we are willing to be led by you it’s amazing what can be accomplished.  Sometimes we must “sing a new song”.  Dear Jesus, today when I encounter obstacles or meet opposition to living and sharing my faith bless me with the courage not to give up.  Help me to have an open mind and heart to your Spirit leading me.  Teach me new ways to build a relationship or connect with a friend, coworker or neighbor so that they can see and hear your good news of love.  Amen.