May 24, 2018 Thursday of the 7th Week in Ordinary time B

James 5:1-6

Psalm 49

Mark 9:41-50

“If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off…”  Mk. 9:43

Lord, your hatred for sin is clear today.  Both readings warn of the dangers and results of allowing sin to prevail in our lives.  Like a loving parent who is protecting his children, you want me to be free of the bondage that sin causes.  I seem to be unable to break free of the patterns of sin that stay with me year after year.  If I are honest with myself, I know  the ways I give in to temptation and choose darkness rather than your light.  Change is hard, Lord.  Fill me with the desire to avoid those situations that lead me to sin.  You know me inside and out.  I surrender to your grace, dear Jesus.  I beg you to show me today one way to overcome just one temptation.  Give me the faith vision to see the path around another failure to love.  Help me to use my wealth and resources wisely and generously.   Keep me from sinful thoughts, words and deeds.  May I never be the cause of another to sin again.  Build up in me the virtues that give you praise.  Amen.