May 23, 2017 Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter-A

Acts of the Apostles 16:22-34

Psalm 138

John 16:5-11

After inflicting many blows on them they threw them into prison… Acts 16:23

The Lord is with me to the end.  Psalm 138:8

Lord, your disciples Paul and Silas were having a very bad day.  They were arrested, beaten and thrown into a Roman jail.  This was done to them because they had driven a demon out of a woman and were preaching the good news and bringing the people to believe in you.  Even after all that, as they sat in their jail cell, they sang hymns of praise to God.  Did they sign the Psalm for today?  Lord, they stayed faithful to you because they trusted in your fidelity to them.  They were convinced of your commitment to them despite their painful and dismal situation.  Lord, I know it is your grace that helps us stay loyal and hopeful even in times of trial and distress.  I so need your grace not to falter or weaken when my human nature wants to doubt or I am tempted to give up.  I place all my difficulties in your hands, Lord.  Your love for me endures forever.  Amen.