May 21, 2019 Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter-C

Acts of the Apostles 14:19-28

Psalm 145

John 14:27-31

They appointed presbyters for them in each Church… Acts 14:23

Lord, Paul and Barnabas endured so many hardships for the sake of your name.  They persevered through stoning and imprisonment and could not be stopped from proclaiming the good news.  Today we hear of them ordaining presbyters or elders to care for each community.  This was the beginning of the priesthood.  Lord, we are so thankful for your faithful and dedicated priests who serve your kingdom in such unselfish ways.  Our priests dedicate their lives to you and to the people they are called to serve.  Without them we wouldn’t have access to the Eucharist and the other sacraments.  Let us never take for granted the priests who serve in our parish.  I lift them up to you in prayer.  Give them strength, good health and spiritual wisdom.  Help them with good spiritual judgment and show them how to minister to each of us.  Let us never forget that they too are human and can suffer from loneliness and temptation.  May we always be open to their spiritual leadership and be patient with them in their weakness.   I also pray for those priests who have served us in the past.  Hold them close to your heart.  Amen.