May 21, 2018 Monday of the 7th Week in Ordinary time B
James 3:13-18
Psalm 19
Mark 9:14-29

“I do believe, help my unbelief.” Mk. 9:24

Lord, a desperate father cried out to you for help. He had faith in you but in all honesty admitted that his faith was not complete. He had surely prayed to God for years to heal his son. He didn’t give up. There were certainly times of doubt and questions arose in his heart. But when he met you his perseverance paid off and he got his son back. I am like the possessed child’s father. My faith is not perfect either. I struggle to believe but my weakness can take over and I lose heart. But something within me keeps me coming back to you. Deep inside I am sure of your love. I can look back and see your healing power in my life. I pray today for many situations and people. I trust you hear everyone of my prayers. Dear Jesus, I ask you today for stronger, more complete faith. Help me to entrust all my family needs to your merciful love. May I have the perseverance of this father who held out hope for his son. All things are possible for you. Amen