May 2, 2017 Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Easter-A ST. ATHANASIUS, BISHOP, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH

Acts 7:51-8:1

Psalm 31

John 6:30-35

“I AM the bread of life…”  John 6:35

Lord, it’s a common human experience that we often don’t agree on the truth.  Two witnesses of a traffic accident describe it in two different ways.  In politics we can’t agree on the solution to a problem.  The music some love, others find disgusting.  The people of your time refused to accept that you were the food and drink for their souls.  They were looking for might signs and more bread for their hunger.  Lord, it had to be frustrating for you to be so misunderstood.  You are still misunderstood today.  Strengthen my faith in all that you want for me.  Help me to embrace your dream for me and my family.  You so want to fill me with whatever I need to live the abundant life you call me to.  Dear, Jesus, satisfy my hunger and thirst that which will not perish.  Empty me of whatever keeps me from being filled with you.  May I seek the truth about your always and see as you do.  Amen.