May 19, 2017 Friday of the 5th Week of Easter-A

Acts of the Apostles 15:22-31

Psalm 57

John 15:12-17

“You are my friends…”  John 15:14

Lord, thank you for choosing me to be your friend.  What a blessing it is to be a friend of yours.  An open, honest friendship is a beautiful thing.  Most of us have very few really good friends.  You want a close and loving relationship with me.  A relationship that will remain strong forever.  I will be open and honest with you, Lord, because that’s what friends are.  I love our time together, our sharing of feelings and fears.  Friends don’t hide anything from each other and are true in good times and bad.  Lord, you know everything about me and yet despite my weaknesses and failures you want me as a friend.  You gave your life for me.  An enduring friendship takes work.  So today I will choose to follow your commandments and serve you in every opportunity I can.  I will speak to you and listen to you as a friend.  There are no secrets between friends,   Help me to bear fruit for you because that’s what friends do.  Amen.