May 18, 2018 Friday of the 7th week of Easter-B

Acts of the Apostles 25:13-21

Psalm 103

John 21:15-19

…“Follow me.”  John 21:19

Lord, I love you.  I love you enough to follow you wherever you want to lead me.  The world I live in offers very attractive ways and movements that can lead me away from you.   Your way can seem by many to be a dead end.  Your way can be hard and involve sacrifice.  Sometimes I don’t see the path before me because I’m not looking with the eyes of faith.  Lord, please light my way with your holy word.  Give me the strength to make the right choices in life that keep me faithful to you.  Even if following you doesn’t end like Peter and Paul in martyrdom, help me to endure the sufferings that come because I refuse to give up.  Lord, even when I stumble and fall or make poor choices forgive me and help me up.  Make me an instrument of your love for my family and community so I can lead others to you by word and example.  I know not where my “yes” to you will lead me but I trust that you know best and only want what will save me from death.   Dear Jesus, lead on.  Amen.