May 15, 2018 Tuesday of the 7th week of Easter-B

Acts of the Apostles 20:17-27

Psalm 68

John 17:1-11

“I served the Lord with all humility and with the tears and trials that came to me…” Acts 20:19

“…Father, the hour has come.”  John 17:1

Lord, we listen in on Paul’s and your farewell words to followers.   Paul’s life is about to change drastically and you are only hours away from the cross.     Yet both of you were so concerned about those who had come to believe and would carry on into the future.  It’s natural for us to want protection and peace for our loved ones that we leave behind at the time of our death.  Lord, your prayer to the Father is a reminder of how our prayer should be.  You offered your life to God for us.  You put your disciples in God’s hands.  Before the end of my days, dear Jesus, I place all those I care about in your loving and merciful hands.  Knowing that tears and trials will come, may they remain faithful to you at all times.  May they look to you for strength and live in your grace.  Place your angels around them to protect them from the evil one.  Ensure they have all that they need to persevere in your love.  May I use my remaining days as a witness to them of your love.  Amen.