May 13, 2017 Saturday of the 4th Week of Easter-A

Acts 13:44-52

Psalm 98

John 14:7-14

“If you know me, then you will also know my Father.”  John 14:7

Lord, I can know about great men and women by reading about them, watching documentaries on TV or by listening to someone who knows them personally.  But to really know someone I have to meet them, speak with them and share time with them. How could I ever get to really know your Father, Lord?  The creator and master of the universe is so far above me as to be beyond knowing.  How can an ant get to know a man?  But you came to be one of us to show us the face of the Father.  I come to experience his love in your love for me.  I can see his commitment to me by your obedience to his will.  I can fill his desire for closeness to me in your abundant mercy and forgiveness.  Lord, help me to obey as you did, empty myself as you did and love as you do.  I am one with you and the Father when I trust in your Spirit to lead me to do the work of God.  Thank you, Jesus, for hearing my prayers and showing me our Father.  Amen.