May 12, 2018 Saturday of the 6th Week of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 18:23-28

Psalm 47

John 16:23-28

“…whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you.”  John 16:23

Lord, tomorrow we will commemorate your Ascension back to your Father.   During your time with them you continually showed your disciples the face of the Father.  They came to know the Father through you.  You prepared your followers for the time when you would no longer be with them in a physical way.  When that time came, prayer became critical to maintain their relationship with you and with our Father.  Your name, O Lord, has the power to unlock all the blessings and graces we could ever need to live as your disciples.  To pray in your name, is to trust that our Father has our best interests in mind because of his love for us.  To pray in your name, is to accept God’s plan for our lives and have confidence he will show us the way to become who he created us to be.  Lord, I sometimes can be impatient about answers to prayer.  I can also be a bit bossy and try to tell God how to order things in my life.   Jesus, give me a true love and humility to surrender myself to your grace and however my prayers are answered.  Amen.