May 1, 2017 Monday of the 3rd Week of Easter-A

Acts 6:8-15

Psalm 119

John 6:22-29

What can we do to accomplish the works of God?  …believe in the one he sent.”  John 6:28

Lord, I can have the same question the crowds asked you.  Your answer to me would probably be the same: “believe in me, trust me and do the will of our Father as I have done.”  I believe in you, Jesus, and so I do want to “accomplish the works of God”.  That must be my highest priority.  But what are these works?  I pray, Lord, you will guide me to fulfill the purpose for my being here.  Make me a faithful spouse, parent, and grandparent.  Show me who in my workplace needs a compassionate listener.  Lead me to encourage a neighbor in crisis.  Help me to use the blessings you have placed in my care to build up your kingdom in my community.  Give me the courage to live my faith in a hostile world.  Above all, Lord, may I put your work before mine.  What challenges and opportunities will you place in my lap today?  I rely on your graces to keep me moving in the direction of eternal life.  “Not my will but thine be done”.  Amen.