March 3, 2017 Friday after Ash Wednesday

Isaiah 58:1-9

Psalm 51

Matthew 9:14-15

Would that today you might fast so as to make your voice heard on high!  Isaiah 58:4

Lord, today you remind us that the point of fasting is not to lose a few pounds but to lose what separates us from you.  A close, intimate relationship with you is what you want our fasting to bring about.  Is our fast about what benefits us or what brings us to you?  Is my focus on me or you?  Lord, help me to look at the deeper meaning of fasting.  May I fast from what blocks my love of you.  I may give up gossip, resentment, dependence on material things or selfishness.  Maybe I can use my time to help alleviate hunger in my community, share my compassion on the homeless or maybe fast from aggressive driving.  Lord, look into my heart and lead me to whatever pleases you.  May I empty myself of any distractions so there is room for you to fill me.  Then my fasting will please you, Lord, and make this my best Lent ever.  Amen.