March 28, 2018 Wednesday of Holy Week-B

Isaiah 50:4-9

Psalm 69

Matthew 26:14-25

“Surely, it is not I, Lord?”  Mt. 26:22

Lord, you chose Judas as one of those in your inner circle, your first disciples.  He heard your preaching, saw your miracles and received your love and favor.  He has to be first among notorious sinners in history.  We may never know why he did what he did.  Lord, I too am a sinner.  I too have betrayed your love for me. I’m so sorry for betraying you.  Forgive me.  My sins were nailed to your cross along with those of Judas.  Lord, I admit to being among those for whom you suffered and died.  But the story doesn’t end there.  Your resurrection gives me a hope that Judas lacked.  I can be forgiven and reconciled to you.  You offer me a second chance, a new beginning each day.  You invite me to persevere in holiness.  You provide all the grace I require to focus on your plan for my life.  My sin led to your death but it’s through your love that I can live.  Amen.