March 27, 2018 Tuesday of Holy Week-B

Isaiah 49:1-9

Psalm 71

John 13:21-33, 36-38

…for you are my rock and my fortress… Psalm 71:3

“Will you lay down your life for me?” John 13:38

Lord, I can’t imagine your sorrow at being betrayed by your close companion Judas.  Despite his pledges of loyalty your closest friend, Peter denied any friendship with you.  Anguish over your impending suffering and agonizing death must have pushed your strength to the limit.  Did you recall the words of this Psalm in your final days?  Did the prophecy of Isaiah that your Father was with you from Mary’s womb keep you going?   The grief of this moment did not overcome you because you knew that beyond the cross was new life for all mankind.  Lord, how often I have pledged loyalty to you and your ways.  How many times I have tried to stay the course with you and when the time came I too weakened and denied you.  May this holy week of our salvation give me the confidence to walk with you to Calvary.  Fill me with the hope that every time I empty myself, lay down my life in sacrifice for my family, friends or neighbors, I have you as my rock and fortress.   Amen