March 27, 2017 Monday of the 4th Week of Lent-A

Isaiah 65:17-21

Psalm 30

John 4:43-54

The man believed what Jesus said to him and left.  John 4:50

Lord, I can almost hear the desperation in the father’s voice when he begged you to come to his son and heal him.   Parents are like that.  You chose to remove the child’s deadly fever with a word rather than a touch like the man asked.  His encounter with you brought forth a burst of faith and he left for home believing in you and your power.  Lord, when I pray I can seem to have figured out exactly how you should answer my needs.  Imagine me telling God what to do!  I can even doubt you when you don’t respond just as I expect.  That’s a good way to miss a miracle.  Today, Lord, I come to you with many needs for myself and my family.  I believe you know best and will answer me however and whenever you will.  Thank you, Lord, for not following all my “suggestions”.  Amen.