March 26, 2018 Monday of Holy Week-B

Isaiah 42:1-7

Psalm 27

John 12:1-11

Mary took a liter of costly perfumed oil…and anointed the feet of Jesus.  John 12:3

Lord, what moved your friend Mary to anoint your feet?  Was it to ease the pain of sores and scars on your feet?  Was it in gratitude for bringing her brother Lazarus back to life?  Or was she unknowingly preparing you for your death and burial in six days?  We may never know.  But it was a sing of her love and devotion of you.  It was a beautiful gift to you and a sharp contrast to the hurt and pain you would experience in a few days.  Lord, as I walk with you to your cross this week may I offer you the oil of my prayers and life.  May I anoint the poor and suffering people around me with the oil of my attention and care.  Help me with your grace to extend kindness and comfort on the lonely and despised.  Show me who to bless with the oil of my love today.  Amen.